Corcovado National Park

The highlight of our Peninsula is the Corcovado National Park. The park is around 42,000 hectares large, and hosts around 2.5% of the world’s biodiversity. The biodiversity here includes 400 species of birds, 140 species of mammals, 116 species of amphibians and reptiles, over 500 species of trees, and more than 6,000 species of insects.

There are several ways that you can see the park!

  1. Day Tour into Corcovado National ParkThis is a typical hike our guests would choose – just a day hike to Corcovado and return the same day and sleep another night in our comfy hotel. We’ll help you to find a guide who will take you into the park. You cannot hike into the park without a guide. There is a one-day park fee of 15$ that you have to pay to go into the park. The guide charges a daily fee for his services, depending on the amount of people on the tour, and on the length of your hike.ALL Day Hikes have to be arranged in ADVANCE. Usually we can arrange a day hike also around 1-2 days before you’d like to do the hike, but we need advanced notice to organize your permits for you.Please inquire at our hotel for costs (varying costs).
  1. Sirena Station Overnight Stay in Corcovado National ParkSirena Ranger station is the only ranger station offering an overnight option in Corcovado National Park. The hike to Sirena takes around 7-8 hours, mainly along the coast. The hike is one of the most popular Corcovado Hikes.You have to book your overnight trip in advance – we recommend to book it at least 4 weeks before your stay. The ranger station fills up fast in high season!The Ranger station is very rustic, with platforms where people sleep under mosquito nets on simple mattresses or in a tent. Food is offered at the station and also has to be booked in advance.For pricing, please contact us directly and let us know you’re planning an overnight trip to Corcovado! We will connect you with the right guides and help you get everything set up.

Dolphin and Whale Watching Tour

DolphinsThis is one of the most popular activities around the Gulfo Dulce and (in the high season) boats leave almost daily from Puerto Jimenez.

The tour goes around the Gulfo Dulce and you’re almost 99% guaranteed to see dolphins! We have large troops of Pacific spotted Dolphins in the Gulf, and we also have one of the biggest Dolphin species the bottle-nosed Dolphin. We have the almighty Whale sharks in high season (January – April) and the beautiful Humpback whales migrating through (April and September).

During the tour, there is always a snorkeling stop where you can jump in the water at a perfect little reef to see all typical tropical fish, sea-turtles, and coral!

The tours usually go for half a day, includes light snacks, fruits, and drinks, and start from around $75 per person.

If you wish you can do a stop and a tour at the Wildlife sanctuary on the other side of the Gulf, which costs $25 entrance fee (as a donation).


boat-rentals-puerto-jimenez-processedKayaking is one of the most popular activities in the Gulfo Dulce. You can choose one of many kayak outfitters in Puerto Jimenez – we’re glad to set you up. You can also do a guided tour, where you’ll see and experience much more than going by yourself.

To find out more, just ask us, we’re glad to help you get everything set up.


Wildlife Sanctuary

howler-monkey-portraitYou can go and visit the wildlife sanctuary across the Gulfo Dulce. There is boats that go almost daily in the high season, and can drop you right off at the sanctuary. The sanctuary rescues and rehabilitates wildlife, and with a $25 entrance fee you support the wildlife sanctuary’s operations.

The boat tour that goes to the sanctuary usually also includes Dolphin and whale watching, so you can do both things in one day! The boat tour starts from $75 per person.

Visit a Chocolate Farm

chocolatefarmThere is a beautiful chocolate farm nearby Puerto Jimenez. We can set up transport for you, and you can hop on over to see the farm and do a tour. There is also a tasting at the end, which is the highlight of the tour :) !




Sport Fishing

sportfishingOSAWe have amazing sport fishing right outside our front door – in the Gulfo Dulce, and a bit off shore from the Peninsula. We are glad to help you set up any Sport fishing trip from our Hotel.
Just ask us, and we’ll get a great deal for you with experienced sportfishermen!



Canopy Zip-Lining

ziplineThere are a couple of Canopy Zip Lining places near Puerto Jimenez. We are glad to set up a Canopy Trip for you from our hotel.





Matapalo_sliderMatapalo is a beautiful place to visit for a day trip. You can hike around in the area by yourself and visit a waterfall. If you go with a guide, you can do and see even more.

Matapalo is also an amazing spot for world class surfing. There are several surf breaks and beaches that you can choose from. Also surfing lessons are offered. If you’re interested we’re glad to set something up for you!