Directions & Addresses in Puerto Jimenez

Addresses in Puerto Jimenez… Welcome to 60702!

There are many places in Costa Rica that do not have postal addresses. “What?” you say, “how can I find Inn Jimenez B&B in Puerto Jimenez without directions?” Well, it’s easy…even Google Maps can direct you in 4 easy steps!

Walking from Puerto Jimenez airport to Inn Jimenez Bed&Breakfast

Ok, lets say you’ve just arrived & are now at the Puerto Jimenez Airport… Yeah… Welcome!… so now what?

Directions to Inn Jimenez Bed & Breakfast

Step 1. Head south on Aeropuerto Oeste towards downtown PJ for 450 meters.
Step 2. Turn right and head north for 256 meters.
Step 3. Turn left for 180 meters.
Step 4. Turn right for 120 meters and on your right-hand side is Inn Jimenez Bed & Breakfast!

Total of 950 meters in 12 minutes (walking). OR, hail a taxi and be here within 3!

Puerto Jimenez, Golfito, Puntarenas: 60702

A little bit of history about our mail system in Costa Rica — we don’t have one. Yes, it’s true…we have no standard system of addresses, so most streets have no names or signs and houses don’t have street numbers. Ok, while “they” are working on a major overhaul (or really, just the beginning of) our postal system (and we are now in 60702 postal code!!!), you need to get familiar with our system so you can come visit us.

Most Costa Rican addresses are expressed in relation to the closest community landmark, like the Super 96 Market or the Collectivo to Carate & Corcovado National Park. Confusing? Yes? Ok, like I said… just take a taxi and tell them to go to Inn Jimenez, the pink B&B house across the street from the Bus station to San Jose and next to the hospital clinic.

See how easy that is? Welcome to Costa Rica!

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