Free Beer Sign at Lookout Inn Lodge

When the Boss is Away…the Monkeys Will Play!


Never a dull moment here in the Osa (at Lookout Inn Lodge)… seriously, you take one step away from home base and all goes crazy! All I know is I hope this free beer sign goes away before I return… or else I’ll be all out of beer… all out of $$… and forced to turn the 4×4 truck around and head back to Puerto Jimenez for more supplies.

Free Beer Sign at Lookout Inn Lodge Costa Rica“Boss Left Yesterday” sign announcing free beer tomorrow at Lookout Inn Lodge – Costa Rica

Everyone here at Lookout Inn has a sense of humor (if they didn’t they wouldn’t be here), so it makes me laugh (and then cry) when I see a sign like this. Well, if enough beer is consumed then Lookout lodge will no doubt be booked solid! When I left yesterday our lodge had only two bungalows and one of our tiki huts left, so if those rooms sell out, I’m sure our secluded black sand beach will be unspoiled no more!

secluded beaches in Carate, Costa Rica at Lookout Inn ecoLodge on the Osa Peninsula
Unspoiled black sand beach in front of Lookout Inn ecoLodge in Carate, Costa Rica

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