A Bit of History on Inn Jimenez Bed & Breakfast

Hi, this is Katya and I want to share a bit of my family history with you.

My Inn Jimenez Bed & Breakfast in Puerto Jimenez is a house with a rich history and will always fill me with fond memories. It was the home of my maternal grandparents Quesada Aguero and thus, is very special to me. It’s funny how we remember times in our lives, and for me, I remember this house in three different stages in my life.

puerto jimenez hotel bed and breakfast houseAs a child I can almost feel the smooth wooden floor and staircase that felt so nice and smooth under my feet. When I was older, after the earthquake of 1983, not only did the wooden stairs have to be completely rebuilt, but we painted the house and cement a beautiful pastel pink! Oh how I loved that color and I missed seeing it when I got married and moved away. In 2000 I was able to return and I was so very happy to see my grandmother after many years of absence in Costa Rica. Thankfully, I was able to enjoy my grandparents home for three more years with my family.

In 2013 the house suffered a small fire and after the cleanup, I decided to set up a home office with thoughts of creating a beautiful bed and breakfast home in my Puerto Jimenez village. It’s 2014 now and how proud I am to say that this family home is now a home for you & your family. The color is different, and at the moment, the garden is not as great as when I was a child, but the memories of the ambient air and abundance of birds singing and flying by are still there!

No matter what, my transformed Puerto Jimenez bed and breakfast home WILL ALWAYS be my “Wedding Pink” casa de los abuelos!

Welcome to Inn Jimenez!


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